Monday, December 31, 2012

2 Twenty Twelve

Total roommates: 3
Hours spent teaching: 1,260
Papers graded: 
Hours spent analyzing Jef & Emily's relationship: 2,591,706
Boys I dated: 2
Boys that dumped me: 1
Average hours of sleep per night: 6
Kids I raced to the bathroom so they could throw up: 7
Times I was a bridesmaid: 3
Exceptionally awkward dates: 1
The number of traumatizing hours that passed from the time we lost, until the time we found, Boots with the Fur, who escaped his hamster cage, on the day of the Christmas party: 4
Number of field trips: 3
Trips Home to Tennessee: 5 (February, May, October, November, December)
States visited: 6 (California, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)
Life meltdowns: 2
Brothers on missions: 1
Weeks I had off for summer break: 10
New movies I saw in the theater: 17
Students I had (between last year and this year): 59
Teacher conferences I attended: 3 (San Diego, CA, Salt Lake, UT & Atlantic City, NJ)
Times Boots bit me: 2

Can't complain one bit about 2012. It was an awfully good one! Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Dani girl, you seriously need to write a book! No, seriously! You crack me up - I LOVE your posts. Let's talk!!



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