Friday, January 27, 2012

3 comments vs. questions

Sometimes it's hard for little people to hold all their good ideas in their heads. It's really hard for me too, that's why i chose a profession where people must sit and listen to me all day and if they don't, truancy officers will take them to court.

All too frequently, I have this issue:
"All right, does anyone have any questions about your centers today? Oh yes, Joey, thank you for raising your hand without calling out or falling out of your seat!"
Joey: "So my brother does this thing where he pops popcorn and then he puts taco seasoning on top. It sounds really weird but I promise it's good."

Hmm. Sorry Joey, that's a comment.
(It is often necessary to clarify the difference between a comment and a question in my classroom.)

Now, it could be confusing for a 10 year old, because then there are certain kinds of questions they are not allowed to ask in my classroom either. For example, in my class, you are not under any circumstance allowed to ask a question that starts with "what if" (it can become quite time consuming). Do you know how many "what if" questions I got before I made that rule?

"What if the 6th graders start playing kickball before us?"
"What if the sub doesn't ask us to turn in our papers?"
"What if the sub is mean?"
"What if I wear the wrong shoes to PE?"
"What if when we go skiing I have to pee?"
"What if I get sick on the day we take our test?"
"What if the lunch lady makes me take a milk?"

I don't know guys. What if?

Hopefully training my children from asking what if questions will not hinder them from any sort of out of the box thinking that may be necessary for a job one day, because then, I'd maybe feel like 30% bad about it.


  1. Dang. I thought they would grow out of it by the time they were in 4th grade. And I thought my 2nd graders were bad.... :)

  2. Hahaha. xoxo

    p.s. i love that you follow stephanies blog.

  3. haahhaha oh gosh, I'd die. "I'd say, what if I duck taped your face?" good thing I'm not a teacher



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