She loves kids, loves to sew, loves anything with a bow. She loves throwing parties. She loves to cook, loves to smile and loves doing things for other people. She loves red lipstick and wears it to the pool, out with friends and when she lounges around in her pj's. She loves doing laundry and loves a clean kitchen. She loves laughing and writing and reading and road tripping. She loves Tennessee, traveling and teaching. She loves being outside.

She's good at giving hugs when you've had a bummer day.
She's extra good at spotting 10 year old lies, finding solutions to kickball drama and reminding you to sit quietly on your pockets.

Sometimes she shops online too much or laughs too loud, or tricks her friends just to get reactions out of them (whoops!).

She has freckles on her nose, a college degree, virgin hair and 32 students. She has an amazing church, a gnarly cool family and some sicky tight friends.

She is not scared of bugs, getting dirty or serial killer documentaries.

She is very scared of heights.

She likes sending nice notes, kissing and getting ready in the morning. She likes being creative, clever, useful and active.

She has a he that makes her smile everyday.

They make a super cool team.


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