Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 Weather Day!

In 4th grade we do things a little differently. Instead of fitting in 20 minutes of science or social studies here and 30 minutes there, we take an entire day about every 3 weeks to teach something from the curriculum.
Today was
Lab coat: Check!
Goggles: Check!
Nerdy thumbs up: Check, check!
So much coolness radiating from one person.
I wanted to crimp and tease my hair all crazy but let's be honest, 10 year olds get distracted if someone scoots in their chair so I opted out on that one.
But in the end, it didn't matter. Apparently crazy hair just comes with the territory.
I emailed the teacher next door last night to warn her it was science day and we'd be studying air pressure, aka she would hear explosions and cheering. I'm sure she was absolutely thrilled.

We made the classic cloud chart that everyone has made since the beginning of time. I'm so creative.

Broke yard sticks with baseball bats, exploded film canisters & Diet Coke and shrunk marshmallows.

Oh, how much we all love Science Day!
Tomorrow's going to blow in comparison.


  1. hahahahh so awesome. Did you watch Twister? bc only the cool teachers show PG-13 tornado movies to their 10 yr old students on weather day...

  2. You make me miss westridge even more! I remember my 4th graders running down to tell me they couldn't come for reading cause it's science day! You are such a rad and darling teacher!



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