Thursday, March 01, 2012

8 tattletales

Almost a year ago, I had this little problem:
How many times a day do I have someone tattle? AT LEAST 2,389,472,348,074.
I decided for JUST 5 minutes today, I would write down all the tattles I got. Here are my top 5 favorites (all students came to me with their whiniest voice):
"Miss Stolworthy, they just said they pictured me as a doughnut!"
"Miss Stolworthy, everyone keeps saying my necklace looks like bubble gum!"
"Miss Stolworthy Joey just threw a staple at my eyeball!"
"Miss Stolworthy can you tell them to stop saying 'yesterday'?"
"Miss Stolworthy they're threatening to eat me!"

I swear I could write a book just about tattling.
I've tried to set rules against it. Nothing works.
We've talked about how to be a problem solver. No one cares.
(They think number 5 comes first.)

Honestly, what am I supposed to do about these things? I don't know why they come tell me. It's not like I can ask someone to please not picture their classmate as a doughnut. I'm trying to even imagine that conversation.

Fast Forward to March 2012:
K, what I've learned about doing this the second time around is that every year is so so different. This year is worlds different from last year. A lot easier in some ways, and much harder in others.
However, one thing will never change.
The tattles I have gotten this week......
"Miss Stolworthy at 10am Susie and Sally were best friends but now it's 1pm they're fighting light cats and dogs!"
"Miss Stolworthy, Michael keeps moving his head like a duck."
"Miss Stolworthy, Jessie keeps eating her notebook paper and she's moving on to the hand sanitizer next! I'd go catch her now."
"Miss Stolworthy, Brooke keeps telling everyone she's a goat."

Yet again, we've had several big conversations about taking responsibility for OURSELVES and talked about what that means and brainstormed ways to do that.

Eh em.

Yeah, CLEARLY, it's just not happening people.


  1. Hahahahahah! Oh my gosh. Can't stop laughing.

  2. Please write a book. i will buy it! hilarious.

  3. Yes. Pllleeeeease write a blog. or do daily/weekly SOMETHING regular w/ this, bc it kills me. SO so hilarious!

  4. funniest post ever!! I am going to start picture people as donuts. I love this.

  5. Ummmm this just made my day! hahahaha

  6. So, this may....or may My friend got sick of tattling. She finally drew a HUGE ear and stuck it to the wall. She told the children that this was the tattle ear. If they had a problem, they could go talk to the ear. If they still felt like they needed to talk to her, they could. Of course she had to set expectations about when they could talk to the ear (not during teaching and when noone else was there...) She said it was hilarious and actually worked! After recess and lunch were prime time to find kids mouthing off to the ear!

  7. Tattling never changes :(

    I just recreated your sign and hung it in my kitchen. I will let you know how it works!!

  8. I have also had my kiddos write down their grievances for me to read. Then they have to think about it and decide if it is worth taking the time to write it all out!



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