Friday, March 02, 2012

2 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Thing 1
(In a very large t-shirt...)

Ahh, my wonderful, precious head LOVES today!

They colored these bookmarks last week as a fast finisher and I mounted and laminated them over the weekend. I had no clue they'd be such a hit! (I mean, they did design them themselves.) They kept saying, "Wow Miss Stolworthy. These turned out really nice. Thank you." HAH! You're welcome sweet children! Now I know I don't need to buy you treats and prizes anymore to make you happy, you can just make them yourselves.
Put those kiddos to work, that's what I do.
Mr. Spencer even payed a visit. I was hoping to find a celebrity to read to them, but in Utah, those are quite hard to come by so I had to go with the next best thing. The kids love Mr. Spencer and when I say "love," I mean they ask if he's coming to see them about every five minutes, every single day. And then when he leaves, they ask me 10 million times why he left so early. Umm, because he has a life and friends and now he has a headache.

I was even able to read all day! This year I chose to read "Catching Fire." Haven't had a chance to read it since the school year started. And once I start reading a book, I literally do NOTHING until it's finished. This includes showering, eating, working and all other things that fall into the category of a well contibuting member of society.

All in all, good, fun day. Now it's on to report cards and parent teacher conferences next week. Let's get this show on the road folks!


  1. Totally IMMERSED in your stories, Danielle! Always fun and entirely captivating little tales from you! I love your pictures of the things you are doing for the kids and of course, the picture of Mr. Spencer is the best! Love, love, love reading books, too! Thanks for sharing! Love you, Danielle!

  2. So so cute Danielle! I wish i had you as my teacher back when i was a kid! Those kids sure are lucky! :)



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