Sunday, March 04, 2012

1 Happy Sunday!

"Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ prepares us for whatever life brings. Faith in Christ prepares us to deal with life's opportunities-- to take advantage of those we receive and persist through the disappointment of those we lose. In the exercise of that faith we should commit ourselves to the priorities and standards we will follow on matters we do not control, and we should persist faithfully in those commitments whatever happens to us because of the agency of others or the timing of the Lord. When we do this, we will have constancy in our lives that will give us direction and peace. Whatever the circumstances beyond our control, our commitments and standards can be constant... Do not rely on planning every event of your life-- even every important event. Stand ready to accept the Lord's planning and the agency of others in matters that inevitably affect you. Plan, of course, but fix your planning on personal commitments that will carry you through no matter what happens. Anchor your life to eternal principles, and act upon those principles whatever the circumstances and whatever the actions of others. Then you can await the Lord's timing and be sure of the outcome in eternity."


I've read it a million times. One of my all time favorite quotes.

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  1. confession: I come to your bloggy every sunday to read the inspiring quote you've chosen for that day... I feel selfish thinking that you post them for me, because they all seem to resonate with me particularly that week. Keep em coming girl. Love you Dani.



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