Wednesday, March 07, 2012

3 Today

So tonight I had parent teacher conferences until 8:30.
How much do I love these?
Rhetorical question.

BUT, one of my students' moms is a hand writing analysis for the FBI.
Ok coolest job ever.
So for 10 of our 30 minute conference, she told me everything about my childhood, current life, "love" life and what kind of guy I should be dating and what kind of guys I have dated, all through my handwritting. Honestly, she could've started flipping over tarot cards and whipped out a crystal ball. Insane.

I figured if she's testifying in court by looking at someone's handwritting, what she had to say was pretty legit. And not only that, but she literally told me things that I talked with someone about a few nights ago.

Number 2:
I got a letter today.
Please let me translate (I have included spelling corrections for your own convenience):
Dear Miss Stolworthy, You are a very pretty person and funny too and I am shy to tell you this but I named my Barbie Miss Stolworthy and that might be embarrassing for you too. P.S. My 7 year old brother saw you and said she is a hot woman and I love her! P.S. He is true about you. You are pretty and funny and smart.
This got me thinking that a Miss Stolworthy Barbie is not a bad idea at all! How iconic do you need to be in order to be made into a Barbie? And can you nominate yourself? All good questions for Mattel.

Tomorrow I have 1 more day of conferences and I get a new student teacher. I always feel bad for these girls that come from BYU. I have to give them a little talk beforehand about how I don't always do things the way they teach at BYU. My kids pack their backpacks up in 30 seconds without talking if I promise to spin a basketball on my finger. I mean, that's just how it works around here.

So in the words of Jon & Kate Plus 8, "It's a crazy life, but it's our life."
Hmm, they didn't turn out so well. I'll be thinking of a new motto.

Xoxo, Gossip Girl


  1. That is the. best. thing. I have read all day.
    Both of them, really-
    the namesake Barbie and the fortune telling mom.
    I need to meet this woman.

  2. I would order a Miss Stolworthy barbie. I love those kids. How funny.

  3. hahahha I want one of those barbies too. I can't promise I won't cut your hair down to the nub in hopes of it growing back. All my Barbies got that special treatment.



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