Monday, March 12, 2012

4 An AZ Birthday Weekend!

John and I flew into Mesa on Friday night.
Birthday morning we started on a hike up Camelback Mountain.
Some of the parts were intense but we were just owning the whole thing until I almost died....
Due to a minor health issue, I nearly fainted/DIED. (Not that I want to be dramatic or anything.) It is quite a good story with a few famous last words spoken by yours truly. For those of you who haven't been as close to death as I have, you would not know how important it is to be so eloquent in your final words because people might quote/embellish them for the rest of the weekend. Alls I'm sayin.

Went to lunch.
When I went to the bathroom he swapped our "23" for a "24."
Awww yeah BIRTHDAY GIRRRL in the house!
Where's my fortune cookie player???
Birthday Din din at Tia Rosas.
We were supposed to fly home yesterday afternoon but decided last minute to extend it to this morning. Going back to real life is not my favorite. Last night while we were sitting on the couch, he said "Dani, go in your room and check the top right drawer in the desk. I've left you something"
The Bachelor.
He knows.
From John AND Taylor..... ummmm....

Great weekend! We're both really good at being funny. Spent our time laughing, grubbing and relaxing.

Woke up at 4am, hopped off the plane in Salt Lake and drove straight to school. Kids were wild. Classroom was crazy. It's true. I'm back in action on 3 hours of sleep. One month spring break countdown, let's do this.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed Camelback! Az is my hometown and absolutely LOVE that hike! And how cute was the note he left you!!! Totally a keeper! Happy Birthday!

  3. LOVE. this is so hilarious. Seriously. Btw, mom told me how you almost died. Pansy. jk. Reminds me of the time I couldn't complete the Y hike the day after I flew to UT & almost passed out. Elevation is apparently an issue in our family? <3 you.

  4. This was something I saw a few days ago and had no time to comment then. I loved hearing about your fun birthday trip and John seems nice and he is a looker, too. Thanks for sharing your fun times with us!



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