Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 We suck.

I have pretty long hair, but I want obnoxiously long hair.
(I know, there are people starving in Africa.)

This summer Nat and I decided to do an experiment.
You know how getting those last 2 inches on your hair to grow is nearly impossible? Well I decided to do something about it.
Nat & I were at the store and I purchased some prenatal vitamins because they are supposed to help your hair and nails grow. Now, this might be a little weird, but I totally am prenatal. One day I really will be preggers so just think of me being extra qualified when the time comes.

Natalie went with Biotin, the normal hair and nail growth pills.
We thought it would be rather brilliant of us to execute some sort of science experiment to see which pills work the best in facilitating hair growth.

Now, if you choose to conduct a science experiment, it would be best not to tell your smarty pants guy friends all the details because you will promptly be taunted and corrected.

Some of these are no brainers, but Nat & i have been out of college for a while now so we not as smarts as we's used to be.

We might have done all of the following things wrong in our experiment:
1. In order to conduct a hair growth experiment, you must first, MEASURE YOUR HAIR to know the length it started at. Yeah......
2. Either use the same person/different pills or different people/same pills. (The amount of independent variables we had was astounding.)
3. You must actually take the pills. Found out my lab partner, (I won't mention names, but we'll call her, "NATALIE") was taking her pills sporadically. Okay, so yeah....that's gonna throw things off.

So our experiment was completely flawed. I will admit, statistics was the most horrid class I ever suffered through at BYU. Maybe this is all some sort of subconscious rebellion. All I know is that my nails started growing like weeds. So dumb.

I love love love Zooey Deschanel's hair.
I've even thought about doing the whole ombre thing about a million times.
But then I just chicken out because I've never colored my hair. It might just be a pride issue.
So, what sort of things do you do to get your hair to grow?
Heaven knows I shouldn't be trying to come up with ideas on my own with my inabilities to even conduct a valid experiment.


  1. Uh....I brush it once a day & shampoo it every other day. & my hair is not long & don't follow my steps!

  2. hair extensions. Thats what I use. bhahah. neck is super long, so it doesn't even look like my hair is that long. I should have gotten the 18 inch ones instead of the 14 inch ones. next time!

  3. extensions make me nervous too because I always think of christina's at prom senior year and they got ratty :) but i'm still going to have to check those bad boys out when we're home. I CAN'T WAIT.

  4. This to me was one of your old time funny ones, Danielle! I can't stop smiling about it! Seriously, it was funniiiieee! You have a gift, in writing for sure! Thanks for sharing your out of the box (always) thoughts! Love you and see you tomorrow night! Yippee Skippy!

  5. I'm converted to the prenatal ways! It takes quite a while for it to kick in, but if you take them consistently I really noticed a difference.



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