Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 Happy Sunday!

This week was a little rough with the chickadees. I had to practice a ton of patience. I also had a few situations arise that reminded me I am not in control of what happens after they leave school for the day and it can be quite depressing at times and often keeps me awake at night.

However, I love them and I pray for them and I always get the same feeling:
"It takes a lot of hard work and patience and faith, but nothing is more important or rewarding. And the Lord will help us, for He loves these children even more than we do. He loves them, and He will bless them."
Cheryl C. Lant

I love that feeling.


  1. What a beautiful quote!

  2. Sometimes I think I want to teach little children because I am a child at heart.
    Love that quote.
    P.S. read my "liebster blog" post. You may or may not be mentioned in it ;)



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