Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Busy & Happy!

The past two weeks..... this is me with a cat mask on.

School, school meetings, lesson planning, grading, gym, church meetings, bed and repeat.

Holy zombie.

I definitely don't want to sound like a whiny weener though because I have to say that right now, in the month of January, in the year 2012, my life is KILLER COOL. Plus, no one likes a whiny weener anyways.

Seriously though, if anyone wants to nominate another upstanding human being for a national holiday that requires us to take off work this upcoming Monday, I would not be mad about that at all. You've got ample time. I would do it, but I'm between school planning and gym right now. TTYL!


  1. Cute kitten clip! We found your blog through Shalyce's. My girls say to tell you hi. And they just said that they miss you. Awwww. We'll have to fly half way around the world again so that you can come babysit and have my little turd hide from you:). take care

  2. I meant to say that the above was from Stephanie Holbrook.

  3. I laughed so hard when I saw that! Losing children = never good!
    Hope you're all doing well!



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