Monday, January 16, 2012

7 V-Day Crafts

I celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by getting ready for Valentine's Day. I didn't even decorate for MLK Day, which is weird. I did however drink some Kool-Aid. Go Martin.

First I bought some letters at Hobby Lobby and glitter spray painted them. How much do I love that store? How many of the employees of that store know me by name? Rhetorical question.

This spray paint is seriously my bff&e. I love it and probably use it too much. Don't even mess with the Elmer's Glue and glitter people, you'll be seeing glitter in your shower, bed, and car for weeks.

Doily hearts and white bakers twine for garland.

Okay, so there's a pretty ginormous chance that I took the Christmas ornaments off our Christmas tree and replaced them with hearts. Some people might call it lazy, I call it innovative. I have a large space to fill and it works. Plus, my class learned this week that coniferous trees keep their waxy needles year round so what better way to celebrate a tree who's leaves never die than by using it for EVERY holiday? (Fourth of July might be a little bit of a stretch though.)

Finally, this is the print I made for February. (I'm not going to do a print giveaway this month, but if you'd like a copy, just give me your email and I'll send you a jpeg version!)
So Martin, thank you for giving me this holiday to decorate for another holiday. I really do love you and a few of my kids teared up when we talked about all you did for our country so I know they love you too.


  1. I want a copy! rachel (dot) frakes (at) gmail (dot) com gracias!

  2. I love how you've decorated for V-Day. The XOXO is gorgeous with the spray paint!

  3. thanks dani!!!

  4. LOOOOVE deej! The xoxo turned out GREAT!


    Are you still enjoying Revenge? I kind of think the storyline has gotten a bit crazy!! But, I am still watching it!

  6. I totally am Sunni! My friends and I are addicted and it's a problem! Intense show....

  7. That print is darling.



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