Thursday, August 09, 2012

7 Pillow Talents

I have written before about my two talents (my color talent and cleaning with my toes talent) here and here but it seems my talents have grown.
Here's the thing about me: Anything I've tried, I'm usually pretty good at.
It's not because I'm super fabulous awesome, it's because I don't try things like skateboarding down railings which is a sure recipe for disaster.
I tried something new however- bidding on Turkish pillows.
It seems I have a talent for winning ebay bids. Of course when you do insane things like run into an Apple store to make sure this happens, I mean...... duh.
But I am too good.
I had already received a few pillows in the mail before leaving, but my heart started beating a little faster when I came home from vacationing to all this-
Packages on my bed and 3 missed delivery notices on my front door to pick up more pillows at the post office. One of my friends said, "Well yeah Dan! I don't know a lot of people who are out there bidding on Turkish pillows."
Pipe down, okay? Let me be.
I have won more pillows than can fit on my bed. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the following:
They are all super fabulous so it just depends on what kind of fabulous you're interested in (ps- the 1st pillow I have three of. I don't want to talk about it). The prices for each of them are different so if you're wanting any, let me know which ones you likey! If not, they go back on ebay! Holy emotional rollercoaster.


  1. oooh, tell me more about #1 and #3 :)

  2. they are all so cute!!! if they aren't too expensive maybe todd would let me buy one ;)

  3. Megan! Come stop by and take a look if there are any you want!!

  4. That was a funny post, Danielle! Turkish pillows, huh? Who would thunk! The things we latch ourselves on to. You know me and is a sickness. I'm still collecting them, wherever I am. I think it's a good buy and that I won't see that one around again at that price. And of course, if you pick it up then it's yours. LOL

  5. I will give you a holler when I'm back in Provo for sure! Those pillows are just so darn cute!

  6. hahahhaahha the turkish pillows! I hope one of the three was not the one we had to change birthday plans around for.... bhahahah btw teach me your talent. I'm afraid of ebay

  7. So I saw this and thought of your pillows... :)



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