Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 Happy Sunday!

The last 24 hours = cray cray. I told my mom I honestly think I'm on an episode of Punk'd, except the episode consists of my whole life. Sometimes (about 80% of the time) I like to say really dramatic things like that.

I've been thinking a lot about sacrifice. The things I have truly sacrificed for are valuable to me. Whenever there is sacrifice, there is sure to be love and appreciation-
If I hadn't worked my tail off so much during the school year, I would never really, truly appreciate my summer's off.
If I hadn't been starving last night at Nat and Michael's open house, I wouldn't have appreciated the chicken skewers.
If I had always had a boy toy and had never been single, I wouldn't really appreciate my boyfriend(s)... because let me tell you something, I'm the best freaking girlfriend that's ever been made.

Recently I've learned how crucial sacrifice is to progression but as an added bonus, it makes the sweet moments even sweeter.


  1. I really loved that, Danielle! You are such an awesome granddaughter! Truly impressive!You are certainly a lot more with it, more mature, and just plain together and much more so than I was at your age. Love and appreciate you lots and lots. Miss seeing your pretty face, too! Have a happy week!

  2. But I'm confused... you had 4 kids at my age :)
    You win!
    Love you!!

  3. You're both equally fabulous!!!!

  4. Forgot to ask...did you make that fabulous quote printable?



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