Friday, August 17, 2012

6 Honesty is Always the Best Policy?

One thing I really love about my mom is how upfront she is with us. If there's something she sees that we need to do to get our lives on track or to just help us, she tells us. I think it's made us all tough and able to take constructive criticism pretty well. Us siblings have also learned to not beat around the bush with each other.

Now I will tell a story in order to tell a story.
Mom: You know what would be really good for you to work on Ra...?
Rachel: .....If I didn't interrupt people? I know!! I'm so bad at that!

Hahahaha, the irony! My interrupting sister.

As I've mentioned, I am now living with my sister and brother-in-law, Rachel and Wes. We call ourselves "Three's Company."

The other night we were having one of our deep evening chats (about boys)-
Me: I do like him, he's just.....
Rachel: ....out of your league? Yeah, I can see that.

Wow. Not even close to what I was going to say.

Stolworthy Fam: Keeping it real since 1985.


  1. Oh dear, I'm positive i do the interrupting thing. Lo siento if I've said something dumb lately!

  2. Lolololololol baahaha omg I miss y'all!

  3. Lolololololol baahaha omg I miss y'all!

  4. hahaha Rach. "Keeping it real." Right. I think "Keeping it brutally honest" might be a more accurate slogan for her.

  5. It is so funny to catch your interchange and this blog post was no exception.! Love you all and miss you!



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