Tuesday, September 06, 2011

3 I'm talented.

My froat hurts.
Because I was in AZ this weekend.
And I sang really loud in the car all the way there and back.
And when I say "sang," I really mean, "rapped" because Leslie and I know all the lyrics to more rap songs than any Provo-dwelling white girl should.
It hurts to talk, but my kids are pretty good at understanding my sign language. Even though it's the invented kind of sign language.
I felt like I was working with my Peru orphans again. A little bit of talking, a little bit of charades. It's okay though because i'm super awesome at charades and I have a talent of talking with my hands. I know this because in 2006 my friend's older brother created a facebook group called, "When I talk I overuse my hands." When he invited me to join the group, I denied. Promptly I got an email from him saying he created that group in honor of me so I better join. PWNED.
If you recall, I wrote a blog a while back about my only two talents. One of them (cleaning my entire room with my toes), Rebbie quickly shot down saying anyone can do that.
Now I only have one talent:
The color talent. Where I can spot any color and remember it's exact shade. So very helpful when I'm at the store and need to buy something that matches perfectly.
It also comes in super handy if I'm planning my wedding.
K, so how do I not bury my talent if I'm not getting married?
I just brag about it a lot. I think I've told every boy I've gone on a date with about my color talent. Because you know what? Having a color talent is so different from playing the flute or jumping rope with your butt (I saw a girl do that once in 3rd grade and was soooo jealous). Yes, a color talent you must brag about.
Good thing I discovered how talented I am at talking with my hands though.
It's so true guys, if we don't bury our talents, they will multiply.
Who knows what talents I will be blessed with next for bragging so much about my other two.


  1. Almost every post is about your desire to get married. Cute. Transparent, but cute.

  2. hahaha...that's a funny comment...but seriously, I love this post and it made me laugh as always!!! You are cute and clever and have a zillllllllllion talents! I know I'm your mom, but it's TRUE!!! You're da BEST!

  3. Girl, you crack me up! Add hilarious writing to your list of talents!



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