Thursday, September 08, 2011

3 Innovative.

"Miss Stolworthy, I have to tell you something. So this morning I had to ride to school with my uncle, and my cousins were in the car too, except they were being really REALLY loud and I was getting scared because they were so loud, and I was so scared, I forgot my backpack in the car.

So I don't have my homework.

And my uncle's really poor so he doesn't have a cell phone I can call him on.

So.......... like....... do I have to fill out a pink slip?"


  1. ...and so, did they have to fill out a pink slip, Miss Stolworthy?

  2. Aww poor guy haha. This reminds me of a time in 3rd grade, I left a worksheet at school when it was my homework for the night. I got home and realized this mistake, and walked all the way back to school but my teacher was already gone. I cried all night, and made my mom call the school multiple times. I even went to school early the next day to try and get it. Finally class started and I didn't have my homework done, so I had to put one of my popsickle sticks on the wall. I thought my world was over! At the end of the year there was a party for the kids who never got a stick pulled. It usually consisted of me, and the teacher. This year, there was no party. Such a sad day!



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