Tuesday, October 05, 2010

6 I got it from my momma

Hold on one second while I boast.
My mom & I share two talents. Drumroll please.
Talent 1: The color talent. We can see a color and then go to a store & pick out something that is the exact shade of the color we saw before without it being there to compare even if it's a couple weeks later. This comes in very handy when you're planning your sister/daughter's wedding. We will both brag obnoxiously about our color talent so you just wait for it.
Talent 2: Cleaning with our toes. One night in high school as my friends and I all sat around chit chatterin away, my friend Shalyce randomly announced, "Danielle cleans her room with her toes..." Umm.... whatttt?? First of all, no I don't. Second of all, what an opportune time to bring up something so weird! And what if I do? That's not a big deal... Of course all my guy friends start HAMMERING me and throwing stuff on the ground and seeing how fast I can clean up the room with my toes. Don't worry, I pounded that challenge. I started thinking where I got this from. Momma does it too.

Gosh, I'm glad I don't have talents like walking the high beam, playing the cielo like an angel or winning gold medals at being cool. Because those talents would really suck.

What's that Rebbie?
Oh sorry, my roommate just asked me what I'm typing.
Hold on....
Ok, so I told her I'm writing a blog about my only two talents. I explained them & she said she wanted to see how I clean with my toes. So, I started picking up my bedroom. Except she just said "That's not cleaning!" Then she stuck her foot on the sink and said she really pictured me scrubbing the counter vigorously with my toes. Apparently picking up your room with your feet just means you have opposable toes, which we all have.
So I'm average.
Scratch my second talent.

I only have one but if I use it well, my talent will multiply.


  1. I think that cleaning with your toes thing runs in the family cause both my mom and I do that too. lol

  2. Baaaaaahaha. Danielle. I am sitting in my room laughing so hard. and you know how I cry every time I laugh hard? ya, im crying. I remember that night...and i brought it up not out of no where...you were looking for yours socks or jacket or something and it was on the floor and you went over and picked them up with your toes! and then I started thinking and realized you do it ALL the time. Its pretty amazing. You are just to busy doing things with your hands i guess. Gold star for you!

  3. When cleaning my room, I use my toes to flip socks up to my hands, which i proceed to throw into my dirty clothes. This same trick works with shirts and what not... unfortunately not so much with lead weights or bars of soap...

  4. Great post! So glad I have a talent to pass down to you, Danielle! Whewy! Wish you could pass a couple of yours "up" to me!

  5. hahahhh bars of soap. yeah, totally genetic

  6. My fam does the toe cleaning too. I've even caught Sav trying it a few times, unsucessfully... lol. Funny post really made me laugh!



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