Saturday, October 02, 2010

8 Happy birthday PUNKSTER!

So happy I get a chance to brag about this cute cute face today! Today, my BABY brother turns 14. I can't even handle that. He's now taller than me, as are all of my siblings... what what???
So here are a few things about Chase Face that you might not know:
10. Chase is a good sport. I guess you have to be if you're the youngest, but he really takes everything with a grain of salt. We can tease him all day long & he'll never get upset, he'll usually just think that it's funny. The latest thing his mean mean siblings do is say "oh you weren't born yet" to everything we talk about. For example, we're talking about a family vacation we did last summer at dinner, Chase will say, "Oh yeah & that was so funny when Spencer did..." and we'll say, "No Chase, you weren't even born yet." So rude. But you know what? He laughs at it harder than us.
9. He is a people person up & down. Loves people. Not a shy bone in his body.8. He honestly has the best hair ever. Don't pat him on the head because he'll get a litttttle anal about you messing up his hair. It's a big deal. He refuses to cut it too, but if I had his hair, I'd probably shag it out as well. He also has the longest eye lashes ever. Without fail, everytime he goes to the dentist office, the people cleaning his teeth will comment on them. 7. Chase is a good kid! He's always done what's right. You can tell he's really concerned with others' feelings too. If he thinks someone's upset with him, he will confront the person to make sure that everything's ok. 6. Ok, Chasers has got to be one of the most charismatic people I've ever met in my life. We try not to encourage it too much right now to keep him out of trouble. (However, let me bring up a time in his not so distant past when he was not so charismatic. At Rach's wedding he marched right up to JD, my friend Ashley's husband who's 6 ft. 7, who he's never even met before and said, "you stole my wife." Yes, he has a crush on Ashley. Maybe this was not the best way to go about that.)
5. Chase has a TON of friends. We can't keep track of them all. He gets along with girls & boys so everyday after school he'll try to get some friend over. His friends really adore him too.
4. Chase is superedy duperdy talented. He plays basketball, soccer & the piano. He has won several competitions for his age group in Nashville with playing the piano & he always memorizes his music. Little prodigy. He can also sing. He sings all day and his bathroom is around the corner from my bedroom so I get to hear the lovely tunes he writes in the shower. They're great. Remind me to show you the "BOOYAH Shower" video. Stolworthy classic.
3. Chase is super super smart! He was the only kid in 6th grade to get 100 on the math practice test to move to high school algebra (as he would call it, the "smarty pants math class"). Unfortunately, the math gene is not one we share.
He's so helpful & service oriented. He loves doing things for other people. We constantly find sweet notes laying on our bed or on our door from Chase just telling us how much he appreciates us! He loves helping my dad with all that boy stuff too.
1. He's such a happy & smiley guy. His cheerfulness makes him super easy to be around & of course, anyone who knows Chase knows he's absolutely hilarious! I'm always laughing at the things he can come up with. Happy birthday to my little punky brother.
Now for your entertainment... Chase Face clips.



  1. That was the most fun and loving tribute to your little brother, Danielle! He is not so little anymore. He is my height now! I just really enjoyed all of that, especially the mini-videos and your "story" and the surprise ending was GREAT! All the people I love at the end!

  2. Amen to all of the above! So so fun, Danielle and sooo sweet of you to put this all together...I know that took much of your precious time! You are a TREASURE!!!

  3. I loved your special spelling of birthday :) syd and i were laughin about it last night, You're so thoughtful and all that stuff is trrrrue! He's such a trooper.

  4. i love it whenever it is someone's birthday that you know, whether i know them or not. you always do the best birthday post without fail!!!!

    happy birthday chasers!

  5. :) he's a cutie patootie.

    & yeah rachel, i'm a relly gud spellr.

  6. I've enjoyed seeing this again. Chase has really grown up a lot in this last year. You will probably be surprised by him everytime you see him as he is in that growing up stage! He may ourgrow both your Dad and Spencer, too! Then you can't call him your "little" brother!

  7. It is my pleasure to announce that chase's voice has dropped at least one octave since these clips were taken... When i pressed play i looked around to see if a squirrel had snuck into the room... but it was just him... no worries though, he no longer sounds like a small rodent.

  8. Great comments about Chase....we got to know him better in March and he is such a great kid! Thanks for writing such a nice tribute! You are an awesome sister!



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