Saturday, August 04, 2012

5 Anthony and High School

Hey guys. I'm back in Provo. On my drive home, I made a little stop in St. George and stayed with my friend Shalyce. Shalyce is a friend from high school and we often reminisce about how we were always getting in, but still always getting out of trouble as teenagers.
On Friday, we made a little trip to Wal-Mart. As we were at the checkout, I was having a good little convo with my new bud, the cashier, Anthony. Then Shalyce said, "Hey Dan, have you seen these little mini orbit packs? They're perfect if you're going on a date, don't want to bring your purse and you're about to makeout. It's all just like 'Heyyyy got my mini-gum!'"

Anthony began to blush. I said, "Ohhh c'mon Tony... you know it's truuuue... HAH! Anthony's going to buy like 10 of these today!"

Then Shalyce apologized for making Anthony feel weird. She told him we went to high school together and when we join up again, we instantly become 16 and obnoxious.
Shalyce: Anthony, do you know Danielle was voted funniest in our senior class?
Me: Not true. I was runner-up.

It just brought back a painful memory.
Let me talk to you about being the runner up for a high school superlative. It means, "Yeah, you're funnier than a majority of the school, but just not at the same level as Joe." It's also kind of sucky when some of your best girl friends actually WON best smile, best dressed and best looking. I was totally okay with being the less attractive funny friend, but to not even win is just salt in the wound.

One thing is for sure, I knew how to liven a class up. I found this in my closet once when I went home for Christmas and I am beyond shocked I only found one.
As a teacher, I am fully paying for my inabilities to behave in class by having some children who struggle with similar issues.

Unfortunately, my siblings that followed me had to clean up messes I'd made. Spencer did a very nice job mostly because when I took the ACT in 11th grade and he was asked to take it in 7th grade, the same year, we got the same score (hint: I did pretty well on the ACT, that crazy fool is just a genius). Teachers seem to love smart, well-behaved children.

There was ONE TIME where I was a junior in high school and my sister who is a year younger had a teacher before me. The teacher gets to my name on the role: "Stolw...... oh good grief, is your sister Rachel?"
Eh, I guess I deserved it. To mine and Rachel's defense, the teacher later said, "Danielle, you know I absolutely love you guys outside of class."

I was never bad. I listened and I was always polite, but I just wanted to have fun. And another thing guys, I really like to talk. One day, I will go back to Franklin High School, home of the Rebels (BLESS THEM!), and personally apologize for the suffereing I am certain I caused a few teachers. Or, to save face, I'll just send my little brother who is currently a sophomore to do it for me. He's suuuuper good with words.


  1. HA! My kids have those same kinds of things in their boxes of school keepsakes, like "I will always tell the truth," or "I will be kind to my brother," or "I will treat my mother with love and respect." Great discipline tool, and works on handwriting and driving a point home! Your mom (or teacher?) and I think alike! (Hmmmm...never had to assign one about horseplay in class, though.)

  2. Yes those notes were assigned by my teachers! My mom thought I was nothing less than an angel I'm sure ;)

  3. I can't believe you were in St. Geezy and you didn't come see me!

  4. Wow. What was I thinking?? I'm seriously bugged right now that I completely spaced on that one. When are you up in Provo next??

  5. bahahahahha Anthony, Anthony, Anthony! & sorry for the bad rep in high school sister & brothers! Also, I was runner up for a superlative, too. I lost to a bandee. dangit.



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