Thursday, August 02, 2012

10 Shower For Me, By Me

Conversation I had with my mom the other day:
Me: MOM! I never realized I had zero kitchen supplies until Nat & Les moved out! I went to go grab a pot the other day and there weren't any!
Mom: Dude. You should throw yourself a shower.


There's no date on the invite because if I set a specific time, that means I'd have to make hors d'oeuvres and cookies, but as we all know, I have nothing to make them with. So please just show up. I honestly have nothing and I need people to buy me things because I'm sick of being such a good friend and just purchasing home goods for other people.


  1. Yep. You can thank me later!

  2. There isn't even a date on that invite. I guess I'll just show up to Provo with a crock pot and hope to run into you.

  3. haha. our day will come!!! and all our friends will come to our weddings! or at least our parents.

  4. For your next birthday, you should totally register yourself at Bed Bath and Beyond/Victoria's Secret. That wouldn't be tacky at all!

    But seriously, no fair that pregnant/engaged women get all the cool stuff.

  5. I think I would totally go to a shower like that. But the again I just love showers!

  6. HAH! Wait. Where's the date?? I hope I'm back in Utah for it! ;)

  7. I just had a better idea. For Christmas, ask all your students for cooking materials instead of things for your classroom. Or just bonus points in exchange for pans could work too.

  8. Haha Ash- Back to school items: kitchenaid, hand mixer, bowls......



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