Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 California Picture Explosion

Warning: My phone photos are about to explode all over you! I've been running around Southern California for the past three weeks.
(1) flamingos at san diego zoo (2) our mascot (3) rebbie's gigantic hat in santa monica at ocean park beach (4) accident shot (5) american idol concert (6) love of my life (7) mom and tim (8) my little, huge brother on hollywood walk of fame (9) hollywood hills (10) fred and i (11) reunited with my favorite college pet, pretzel (12) my fortune- take note (13) tan lines boob shot (14) huntington beach pier (15) so much beach time (16) happened more than once (17) whoops (18) picnic with friends

Heading to Sacramento tomorrow for Nat & Michael's wedding!
Ta ta for now.


  1. oi! what's your email? your Fb disappeared. (phone's fried for now)

  2. That's so weird... I scrolled up to number six expecting to see a pic of Scooter Braun. Oh well. I guess you've moved on.

  3. Les- Scooter WILL ALWAYS be my lover, I just had a weird moment where I fell in love with Phillip Phillips. I was confused.



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