Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 Adios!

Dropped my adorable brother off at the MTC today.
Hmm, much harder than anticipated for me, but he was super antsy and ready to go!

You would never know he was sick.
We took good care of him last night.

Went to his favorite place for breakfast.

Got a few last minute things. Lucky for him, I was there. He threw a spiral notebook in the basket and said that was going to be his 'mission journal.' Umm, no. I took it from there.

Rach & I are NEVER doing MTC drop-off duty again.

Because this happened:

But then I pulled it together because really I'm so excited for him!

He was pretty quiet last night so Rach was trying to feel out what he was thinking.
Rach: "So spence, are you  so so so so so so nervous or are you just plain excited?!"
Spence: "Uhhhh, I mean, those are two extremes, do I have any other options?"

 He is supposed to be trained and stay in the MTC until August 13th but he's hoping to leave much earlier since he's already fluent in Spanish. We're crossing our fingers for him!

My sister and I will be updating his mission blog (that he designed himself, i might add-- adorable) while he's gone. Check out his mission blog HERE!
Any comments posted on his blog, I will forward to him in his emails.
His MTC address is:
Elder Spencer Dean Stolworthy
MTC Mailbox #237
MEX-TOR 0813
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Some people have asked me what Spence will be doing for two years. Mostly he will be teaching of Jesus Christ. Currently there are 52,000 missionaries (mostly below the age of 25) serving for our church in 350 different missions around the world. Spencer was assigned to serve in the Torreon, Mexico mission for 2 years. He will be putting off school, dating and work because his life will be completely dedicated to sharing the gospel. We will not talk to him on the phone besides on Christmas and Mother's Day and other than that, we will communicate through snail mail and email. It sounds difficult (because I'm sure it is!) but this is a choice he made to do all by himself.
We are so proud of him! And for his family on the flip side, we've only got 104 weeks to go! The countdown begins.


  1. good luck to him!! todd loved Torreon so i am sure spencer will too! my brother leaves in the fall and i know i will be a MESS. good job for being strong.

  2. haha 104 weeks to go! not too shabby! :) although it was a tough experience to drop him off, i bet he'll forever be grateful he had his two hot sisters there to bid him farewell!

  3. Rachel, I reminded him that I knew someone who went there yesterday and he got so excited! Allison & Rachel, we will keep each other strong! Lots of letters!

  4. I just loved this and Spencer's comments just made me laugh out loud! He is so unique and special--no one like our Spencer! Thanks, Danielle for sharing this! Love him and love you, too!



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