Wednesday, February 01, 2012

5 Called to Serve...

My brother Spencer got his mission call today.
It's official. He will be serving in the Mexico Torreon Mission. We were all SHOCKED. He's already fluent in spanish so we thought for sure he'd either be going to Germany, Taiwan or Idaho.
He reports to the MTC on June 13th.

Spencer has baptized and home taught many of the spanish members in Nashville. He has gone on missionary splits, he's been in the homes of these members, given talks in their branch and already has such a love for the people. I can't imagine a better fit!
Spence was able to open his call right after his friend from back home and we skyped it into family, friends and the stake center in Nashville so all the kiddos at youth night could watch.
Oh my gosh. Excuse me while I bawl like a baby. I'm not the most emotional of people, but this is the second time I've cried tears of joy within one WEEK. The irony of the whole thing, is that it's also only the second time i've cried tears of joy in my whole entire life. For those of you who didn't do as well in statistics as I did, that is a very abnormal distribution.

Spencer's roommate kind of sort of forgot to call Spencer's best friend and put him on speaker phone. His roommate felt terrible and had a mini freak out. My sister had a grand idea! Let's just reenact it. And reenact it, we did. We had a much smaller group, but we can cheer loud:
We are terrible and tricky people.
Who thinks Rachel should win an Oscar? She has unfortunately gone into the wrong profession.

But seriously, I am so so proud of him. On Christmas day I was sitting next to him in church and just started tearing up thinking about my buddy leaving me. I have jokingly told him countless times in the past year to "just not go" (but that's only because he was never sitting on the fence about it). He is a determined go-getter and he's ready to work. I know he will do amazing things.

To learn more about my church and what Spencer will be doing on his mission, click here.


  1. whoo-hooo!!!! that is so exciting! congrats to spencer! taylor's call should be coming this next week and i cant think about it or else i like get anxiety!

  2. that is so awesome. & seriously. that was SO funny. oh my gosh. Poor Paul. He'll never know!

  3. I TOTALLY understand. I bawled like a baby, too. Just tell him to get a parasite, crohns disease, and an overactive thyroid. You'll get him home 6 months earlier.

  4. I know! I don't know how you guys have done it. Ah, I think he'd rather stay out 6 more months than deal with all of that.... crazy.

  5. What a great telling of THE STORY of the year in our family! I'm so excited for Spencer to have this wonderful, hard, challenging, exciting, testimony building, and growth promoting experience! The picture of him in his dorm room is so darn cute! I could not be prouder of this boy/man! You gotta love that Spencer and he is going to be doing some great work! I'm sure going to miss being there for his farewell but will be really excited to be there and watch his return home again!



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