Sunday, June 03, 2012

4 Tennessee

Going home was super fly.

Because I like this place a whole lot.

Loved being in all my favorite places with all my favorite people.

I made several necessary stops while in town.
Sweet CeCe's (to the 4th power).

Had to hit up Panera and Zoe's! Mine and mama's faves.

And it's not like it was all about food while I was there, but it kind of was. Mom was a crazy, busy woman with her work so I took charge. Sometimes I forget what it's like to cook in large quantities. That's what Costco cards are for.

S'mores with Reese's PB cups. Problem? or SOLUTION?

Loved being with my fam. Loved chilling at the house. It was my last full week with Spence (dubbed "Prince Spence") so we did whatever the heck he wanted aka lots of sushi.

Home is where the heart is. Get me back, yo.


  1. MOST FUN TIME-when there was time, of course! Loved this post and LOVED having you home! ALL of those foods were 5* except not in love with the PB cup s'mores. Your sandwich was the BEST!!! Seriously!

  2. Danielle, what nail polish are you wearing in that froyo picture?? I LOVE it!! -Rebekah (SB's sister)

  3. I'll email you the link, Rebekah!!



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