Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Let's hear it for New York

New York was a ton of fun. Our hotel looked right over Times Square so we could either watch the commotion from our window or be in it and get barreled over anywhere we went.
We were able to see three broadway shows.
Addams Family which we were in tears half the time. So so funny.
Phantom of the Opera
A good classic and amazing music.
And Memphis.
The music and dancing in this one was phenomenal.

We were also able to visit the September Eleventh Memorial. They had thousands of pictures in one of the rooms of people who had lost their lives that day.
This is some of the childrens' artwork in the memorial. I love the one on the bottom left.
Ground Zero.
So, I can't seem to figure out how to get my camera pics on my computer. Instead you get all my cell phone pics for now.
Jordin Sparks in Times Square one day promoting education and music. We like this girl!
Wes couldn't come, so Rach brought a Flat Stanley version. Here's Wes looking good with the Lego Empire State Building.
Lady Liberty
Naked Cowboy
M&M Factory
Now you know my NY trip wouldn't be complete without another bad airport luck story! (You can read about some of my other bad airport luck here or here or here.) The thing is, I'm not even mad anymore about it. I have pretty good luck in all other life areas so if I'm going to be picked on by airports, it's really nbd I just know I need to block out at least 2 days to get to my final destination.

So, it's 3am. I have to leave to catch my flight and it's pouring rain. Spencer takes me to the train to make sure I'm not kidnapped, but wait, wrong train station! So we're booking it through the streets trying to barrel past the drunks to get to the right station. Here is Spencer looking thrilled at the first station and completely unaware that we are about to get Nerf Super Soaked.
New York to New Jersey to Chicago to Dallas to Salt Lake with about 80 million hour layovers in between each. One day, about 12 ticket changes and some mildewy clothes later, and I'm back in Provo. Yesterday I found a small portion of my leftover tickets in my purse.

But alas! It was a free New York trip so who gives?
Thanks Pa & Ma.
The big apple was amazing and you should probably try it out, like, now.


  1. I live in New Jersey about 20 minutes from NYC. Best city ever!


  2. Girl you are having WAY too much fun and you need to come back to boring provo asap

  3. I am so jealous you saw the naked cowboy! I looked for him the whole time we were there and never got a peek!

  4. Maren, you didn't miss much! He (the naked goofball) stood right next to me and my daughter and I made it a point not to look at him after I realized what I was standing next to. I just thought, "Unclean!" Whoa! I have to say you didn't miss much! Great post, Danielle, and man, you had a rough time on that trip home and I thought my trip out to SLC was rough with THREE stops! Thanks for posting the fun photos and it was a lovely reminder of my own trip there this summer!



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