Sunday, August 07, 2011

2 Weekend Stuff

I love weekends. I've been really bad at taking pictures of the stuff my friends and I do. However, I do have friends and we do do things. Do do.

I made this ruffle lamp shade yesterday.
Bought a lamp at DI for $2.00.
Bought some white muslin at $4.99 a yard and ruffled all day.
My hands are now blistered.

Then I made this pillow.
Eh, I don't like it at all. Turned out too little kiddish, (kiddish?). So now, it's the pillow for my classroom rocking chair. Ta da!
And! Met this cutie bug this morning. Roslyn Stolworthy. Another baby girl cousin. She has so much blonde hair and I love it! Just waking up from nap time :)
Found a cinnamon bread recipe on pinterest and made it. Very yum.

Who else is totally trippin over pinterest? I find myself pinning things in my mind throughout the day. Uggh. At least it makes for a very organized human brain.


  1. I am loving that pillow! I wish I could do something like that.

  2. Nice entry! I got to see the pretty lamp shade up close and personal. Great job, Danielle. The cinnamon bread Natalie is enjoying is making me hungry at midnight, not good! Love you and thanks for dinner at your place and the ride to the airport, too! Really love you, Girl, and enjoy every minute I get with you, too!



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