Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 i have GOT to be dreaming. . .

Don't say "things can't get worse," because they will. The past 24 hours have just been the icing on the cake. I called my dad 3 days ago needing a serious emergency flight home to Nashville for Thanksgiving after a terrible two weeks.
I get to the airport, but the blizzards are coming.
Wait from noon-6pm to board the plane.
Delay, delay, delay.
Finally get on the plane.
After waiting for 3 hours on the plane they cancel the flight.
I can deal with this.
Honestly, I will advise everyone in the world to never fly with me because I have the worst airport luck. I have been in 13 hour and 17 hour delays before. I didn't even get to go to my sister's Tennessee reception in September because my flight was cancelled. I never come to the airport knowing that I'll be flying without a fight.
So they rescheduled me for 1am to Atlanta and 8am to Nashville which is fine because I can work on school stuff through the night.
OH BUT WAIT... They made a mistake and scheduled me for the 25th at 1am not the 24th and now the one tonight is booked. So if you're lonely & looking for a place to spend the holidays, please come to gate C13 since now i'll be here for the next 29 hours. They gave me two meal vouchers so I'm wondering if they sell stuffing at the airport.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Delta=pain and suffering! So sad Danielle-it was meant to take you to your happy place! Love you!

  2. wait, this is horrible!! i am so sorry. i hate that for you :( hope you get out soon!

  3. Two wise men (winston churchill and rodney atkins) that "if you're going through hell, keep going." naturally i queued the song up on the playlist... unfortunately winston churchill was not available to quote that in my ear, and all the winston churchill impersonators in the franklin area were already booked :/... i had to settle with just rodney.

  4. It really made me sad to think of your suffering through all of this, Danielle, but happy to put that behind me now 'cause you made it HOME! So good to see you and really happy we have time together for the weekend anyway! Hugs and kisses here AND in person!!! YES!



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