Friday, November 19, 2010

When I say nothing's gone right for the past 2 weeks, I literally mean the only thing that could make it worse is if I drove off a cliff or my house burnt down or something.
Of course, I would hate to be dramatic about it.

Have I ever told you how hard it is to be a teacher and a student at the same time? Oh, well it is. The work is literally never done. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find my way in this awkward stage of life. (And even though it sounds like I'm describing puberty, this is actually my current state. I know, right?)
So, as you can see, I have made a lovely pie graph of where I spend my time. This graph is a lie however because work is actually 110% of my time, but pie graphs won't let you go over 100%. "How can you give more than 100% of time?" you may ask. It's magic.
As I've been consumed in the pressures of life, I finally got in my car last night & had a much needed break down. (I know, those of you who read my blog can start to see the correlation between me driving and crying at the same time... the drivers of Provo must think I'm on crazy pills.)

And since I'm all about graphing my life lately, I have decided to make a bar graph of how often I cry to prove I'm not normally a waterworks lunatic.
But my roommate Rebbs inspired me to whip out M.C. Maybe that would make me feel better.
So yes, I drove to work blasting "You'll Always Be My Baby." All of the sudden I was 16 cruising in my car in Franklin, Tennekee in my swimsuit with about 4 friends and a hottie by my side and my biggest worry was if I was tan enough and if I was going to get a full 4 hour work out that day (I know, I sound like I belong on Jersey Shore).
Dang. That 11 minute drive to work this morning with Mariah, dang. All was right in the world.
A little holla for my girl puuuhlease. Mariah, you'll always be my baby. Thanks tricking me for a few minutes into thinking my life was carefree and cool.


  1. That was truly AMAZING post, Danielle! You are so, so creative! Even though it was about how your life is the pits, it was highly entertaining! Does that sound cold and unfeeling? I'm really not that way. But I have to say, anyone with all the major pluses in their life like you have ---the sky is the limit, Girl! It seems you have been given it all--good looks, brains, creativity out the whazoo, and good character on top of all that! I wish I was you, Danielle. You are to be envied and admired and that is all there is to it!

    Just in case, you don't think I understand your current dilemma though...sorry it is rough right now but as you know, life is made up of peaks and valleys. Soon a peak is around the corner. I just know it!

  2. As if I haven't said enough! By the way, you should WRITE for a living!

  3. aw, don't worry. are you going to AZ for thanksgiving break still? if should eat with MEEE. xo

  4. ah im sorry it's a hard time :( even your depressing posts still make me laugh! bar graphs and all.

    what are you doing for thanksgiving??? going to az? i'm staying here and looking for a date to see harry potter with me on friday while sam snowboards. ok actually i'm just going to text you...



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