Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 i'm sowwy.

I need to send out a big fat apology for being such a weeeeenie lately. I'm sure I lost about 50% of my friends in the last week.
I woke up this morning & chose to snap out of it. So I'm done. Forever. No more weenie whiny dano doodles.
But good news! It's 11am and I'm now on WI-FI 35,000 feet in the air! Jiggawhatt?
It's 2010 y'all!

Heading to Hotlanta & then Ca$hville.
You know what my favorite part of sitting in a terminal heading to the dirty south is? The country slang starts kicking in right away. I heard about 10 "y'alls" in the first 2 minutes & got super pumped to be back in the dirty dirty.
P.S. Delta put $$$ in my frequent flyer account for messin' wit mah head. This is going straight to mine & Nat's ARGENTINA trip this summer.
P.S.S. I LOVE this video. Isn't it what we're all thinking? I'm too big of a chicken to whip out my camera & start shooting footage on a plane but I love meeting crazies on my flights. I wish Rach wasn't too cool & too married for me and would join me on my journey. We love (making fun of) the friends that we meet on the plane.

My aisle buddies probably think I'm nuts. I've watched that video twice & can't stop laughing.


  1. ah the video isn't loading for me... have so much fun at home!!!

    ps. argentina trip??? details por favor!

  2. The video didn't play for me either. Who knows why...happy to have you here, Sweetheart, in beautiful Tennessee!

  3. bo the vid did not play. but yeah, I've got to say, I miss our plane times too. We've had some good ones. I told everyone over thanksgiving about the "we've never got through the airport and home smoothly" "yeah huh! Christmas of my freshman year!" "no, because my wallet was stolen the week before" "oh yeah. da'gum, we haven't".
    I'm glad you made it into the air



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