Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 ramble gamble

Tuesday morning I walked outside to this.... Umm, what? Why do I feel like I just walked through the Narnia closet? I shouldn't have been surprised though because Tuesday was airport day. We all know what that means for Danskis! I have the worst airport luck of all time.
After school, I headed to the the airport. So many accents in my terminal. So many camo and/or John Deere hats. You guys know alll about my airplane luck. But if I had to choose, I'd rather have bad airport luck than bad any other kind of luck. Like, bad boy luck or something, oh wait...

Anyways, I recommend EVERYONE never to fly with me. I'm glad my sister's finally been able to just go to the airport and fly like a normal person ever since she ditched me and got married. I think when I'm married I will buy the hot husband a separate ticket on a different flight just to make sure he doesn't regret marrying me with my bad airport luck. And I happen to be a super selfless person, but that's besides the point.
Leslie says I should start making my carry on items a 72 hour kit, a blow up mattress and a tent.
When people ask when I am to arrive somewhere, I now just say, "within 2 days of ______."
But no worries, my flight home was only delayed 3 hours this time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But seriously, I'm pumped like madddd to be home. I totally peaced out of school as soon as the bell rang. So much glitter was left in my classroom. Christmas apparently equals glitter because approximately one million of our last projects involved glitter. Which then equals glitter covering our entire floor from the glitter spills. Which THEN equals me coming home looking like Lady Gaga everyday.

I made the kids clear out every coat/sweatshirt/hoodie before we left. I told them I'm tired of it smelling like a sweaty kid when I walk in every morning and they laughed. I did not laugh though because that's not even funny. I really am tired of it smelling like a sweaty kid.

Monday we read Christmas Oranges. I was really nervous to read this book because I have a tendency to maybe, a little bit tear up when I read sweet Christmas stories. My mom always cried when she read to us when we were little and it always made me feel super awkward. So I can imagine that it would make my kids feel very uncomfortable if I started crying over an orange. The good news is, I didn't cry. Mostly because I had to stop every other minute to remind Susie to sit on her pockets and Johnny to stop poking his neighbor. That'll kill the mood. The book is about an orphan having Christmas. We talked about how there are some people who don't have Christmas. Then, after inside recess today I saw this on the board:
I think that's cute. Maybe prisoners get Christmas Oranges too.

Yesterday was fun fun fun. We went to the Carnton Plantation which is a former slave plantation and the Battle of Franklin actually took place on that yard. The plantation then served as a hospital to all the people in the battle and there are still blood stains on the floor around the doctor's feet where he was amputating limbs which is totally rad.
We noticed a striking similarity between my outfit and the General's. There was no photography allowed but sometimes Mom and I live on the wild side.

Colonel Dew
Why am I called Colonel Dew, you ask? Well, mostly because I am very unmarried and now my family calls me Sheri Dew. The colonel part just came from my brown boots, buttony shirt and satchel bag. I have super thick skin so it's all good in the hood.

And FINALLY, this is just cute. Stole it from my friend's facebook.


  1. Things I learned from this post : Generals in the 1860's have good fashion sense for today, and apparently blood stains are "rad" lol

  2. You have just completely entertained me with this cute telling of your life story the last couple of days! What a hoot you are, my girl! Love you so much!

  3. hahah I love that. You know how to dress for every occasion.

  4. oh & that's the best Christmas story!



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