Friday, September 10, 2010

11 airport trivia

If you get this right, I'll kiss you.
It's a multiple choice test so make sure to read all the answers through. Don't be sloppy in your work. Eliminate the ones you know are wrong to narrow it down and then pick the choice that makes the most sense. Fill in the entire circle with a number 2 pencil. If you decide to change your answer, make sure you erase it completely.

Why did Danielle go all the way to the Salt Lake City Airport today and then 2 hours later turn around and come home?

A. Danielle LOVES checking bags, going through security & trying for 10 minutes to pull her driver's license out of her wallet (because she has the suckiest driver's license/wallet combo ever so that's how long it takes).

B. Danielle thinks it's hilarious to trick her roommates. She packs her bags, prints out a 'ticket' (muahah) and heads out the door leaving them all boo-hooing their eyes out that their favorite roommate will be leaving them for a few days. Then, she drives allll the way to the airport to make the joke even more legit, checks in & then turns around.

C. Danielle enjoys watching planes take off. But only from inside the airport. In a terminal. She's an airplane-take-off-watcher-snob.

D. Danielle got to the airport and at about boarding time, Danielle's flight was delayed 3 hours, which would put her alone in sketchy Dallas for the night and leave her in Tennessee for only a few hours before she had to turn around and come home. And although she feels really bad for missing her sister's open house and she really wanted to go home, it would be really irresponsible to spend so much time traveling when she has so much to do. So, she thought about it and decided to stay in Provo instead of going home for the weekend. Tear.

Just keep your eye on the prize. Try your hardest & do your best! I know all of you will do great! If you have any questions, make sure to raise your hand!


  1. :( i'm sorry dani wany! that is awful! but at least you were able to find a way to write about it in a blog post and make it hilarious! (as you always do!)

  2. awwwwwwww rats!! that is the worst! but hopefully you went shopping at gateway before coming back? creative blogpost, at any rate. :)

  3. oh, and i choose d (really hoping for that kiss)

  4. But you still had to pay for your flight? Oh that sounds awful. I'm sorry it got delayed!

  5. I hate airlines. When I am closer to achieving world domination my first really big purchase, aside from maybe a tank, will be a Gulfstream or a Lear so that I don't have to rely on commercial airlines. Dave air will fly when it is supposed to and wait until it has its passengers on board before taking off. Oh and the food on Dave air will be phenomenal.

    On a way random side note the inventor of the Lear jet the first successful private jet company is a Mormon and his daughter "Tina Lear" ( short for Christina) performed in some BYU singing groups. If my memory serves me correctly then she and Leslie are part of the same YA club. Other random stuff is that he also invented the car radio and the 8-track player.

  6. One of my favorite posts! Soooo clever and funny, but in reality, not really...cause WE MISSED YOU!!!!! There was a party here and it was BIG! You would have loved seeing how beautiful things were...your pappa had the most beautiful lights everywhere and in one week's time turned it into the Garden of Eden for Rachel and Weston! It was pretty fantastic...think we'll rent it out for other weddings!

  7. Danielle, we really did miss you a LOT!!! People asked about you and we were all feeling the loss of your very fine presence! You know both your Dad and your Mom and they killed themselves off making everything just as perfect as they could possibly get it. They just about killed off the Brinkerhoffs doing it, too! LOL!!! Seriously, your Dad and company built a stone walkway just hours before the reception! I was afraid people would be falling like flies in the receiving line that night but everything went off swimmingly!

  8. Just a quick added note here as I really did want to comment on how cute and clever your writing up of your story was on the missed flight! You never disappoint, Danielle, with your quick wit and fun approach to whatever comes down the pike! You really are a very clever and amazing young woman and I really LOVED the chance to visit your school and your classroom. Those kids are so LUCKY to have you as their teacher, their mentor, and their trusted friend in the fourth grade and maybe some of them will remain friends with you for many years, too! I'm grateful for your blogging efforts and enjoy every minute of it!



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