Wednesday, September 08, 2010

0 all good in the hood

I first regret to inform you that the Cheetahs have not checked their mailbox for about a week until today.
My second piece of bad news is now there's now about 10 wedding announcements on our counter. Pictures spread out everywhere of being in love.
But it's toooootally cool! Like, we don't even care and we don't even want to like a boy! So, it's cool!
Plus, we all like each other way too much to even bother with chicos.
No, but seriously, over the weekend, we had three- 30 minute sessions, all 5 of us sprawled across our living room floor (we can sprawl now because we finally bought a vacuum) talking about how awesome we are and how we're so good at throwing parties and how great it is that everyone loves us.
It doesn't even matter that not one of us was asked to give out our number at our own party.
We just rationalized that one by saying there's facebook now and the boys have to stalk us there in the first place to make sure we weren't just having a random "hot night" because we were all, most definitely, having a hot night. But it wasn't random.

K, just wanted to clarify.

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