Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 my parents created a monster.

My parents probably thought letting me go to Peru would finally get whatever adventures I had in me out of my system. Unfortunately, they've started a wildfire. About a week after Peru I started thinking about where my next big trip was. This is my plan:

Stop 1: Tokyo, Japan
I know i'm driving my dad crazy, but he's been working here for the last few months & I won't stop asking him if i can go with him too. I mean look at this! right out of Mulan...

Stop 2: New Zealand
Now this won't happen for another year, but in my Elementary Ed meeting they other day, they said they offer a study abroad program in New Zealand for student teaching! You can bet my head perked up in .001 seconds at that! Plus, when I mentioned it to my mom she told me that everyone she's ever met in New Zealand has been so nice. So i'm pretty sure that was a "yes" on letting me go. Look at this picture: it's like Tennessee & Utah combined!
I love baby calves!
Stop 3: back to Cusco, Peru!
Ok, I seriously love this place, i started crying in my EFY interview when I was talking about it yesterday. I'm not trying to scare my parents but I think I might make it permanant next time.

ahhh, the plaza. So many good memories here.
This is the only time in my life where I have the complete freedom to do whatever I want & travel wherever I want. That's why I have to see it all now! The one thing I am still so sad about is that i lost my passport when my purse got stolen. I can't tell you how bummed that makes me. My dad keeps telling me I need to start the process for a new one but I think i'm in denial still. Anyways, another sidenote: if anyone has extra room in their luggage to take me to their next big stop, i'll be willing to drop to the international luggage weight of 100 lbs.

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  1. Danielle Marie Stalworthy?? Oh my gosh!! You are amazing and absolutely beautiful! Okay, that summer... hilarious memories. I still have my branch from the fluff tree! ha ha.. I would love to see all of these places too. I hope that you get to see them.



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