Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 this WILL happen.

I love grey's anatomy. Sometimes I think i'm a character on the show & i've found myself overexhaggerating any small sickness & have quite possibly made some misleading diagnoses to my roommates. sorry. Here's the deal: if i could be a doctor I totally would. I'm interested in the blood & guts stuff, it's just the blood & guts stuff doesn't agree with my low tolerence nauseous reflex. So I stick to grey's, pretending i'm the last main character that hasn't been scripted in (yet). I wonder if i'll kiss McDreamy...
But alas, I have come up with the perfect plan to make me feel more involved with the cast. I will buy a pair of scrubs to wear when watching the show. And there's a possibility one might even see me walking across BYU campus adorned in these scrubs. I always thought those people were cool. hmm. this is a picture of me in my scrubs:


  1. Dear Doc Stolworthy - I agree. 150%. I full support your scrub-wearing and McDreamy kissing. As long as you're ok with me kissing him, too. Oh, along with Sgt. Kent. :) Love, Doc Stolworthy



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