Friday, January 09, 2009

1 2009: enjoy the ride

I still haven't done my 2009 post! Every year I try to come up with a theme on how to live my life. This year I chose
e n j o y t h e r i d e
I know it's good to set goals, but i always go way overboard with goals. So my new years resolution is to not set goals, or rather, to not push myself until i'm dead... I'm always looking for what I can do better or what my next big step is & because of that, time is flying out the window & i'm wondering what i've really accomplished.
So this year, i'm gonna get done what needs to get done, but i'm going to try to slow down & appreciate the stage of life i'm in. I'm never gonna have "girls night" every night again, i'm never again going to be able to be so selfish, i will never have an oppurtunity again to learn in a university setting. So this year i'm taking advantage of every day & appreciating every miracle & blessing in my life, and taking it
s l o w.
H A P P Y 2 0 0 9.

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