Friday, November 14, 2008

5 GAY.

no, this has nothing to do with Prop 8.
last night we were out doing our weekly Salt Lake City clubbing night. Except it ended differently when we went back to our car and the window was smashed in & our purses were gone. We sound like idiots, i know, but they were black and we stuffed them under the seat so we thought it was fine...
Things that got stolen from little Audi:
1. iPhone ($400)
2. brand new iPod touch ($300+)
3. approximately 8 debit/credit cards
4. my passport (don't worry I claimed it stolen this morning & i'm hoping i don't have identity theft issues) still a bummer ($100)
5. $170 cash
6. marc jacobs bag ($200)
7. my makeup- all MAC ($100) so if you see me with no makeup for the next few weeks, just hold me.
but what can you do about it, right? Like Jordan said, "One day i'm gonna have a nice family & i'm gonna be freakin rich & they're still gonna be criminals. that makes me feel better."
BUT I'm going to Arizona this weekend (YAY!) for Maeg's mission farwell (BOO/YAY!) and i'm singing... (umm yayboo?)


  1. Boo, I still can't believe that deej! So depressing!

  2. Were you guys at the Vortex?! Or by temple square? sounds fishy. Sorry 'bout that. Have fun in AZ this weekend.

  3. hahahahah! Im not laughing because of what happened... just laughing because of your following comments:

    has nothing to do with Prop 8.

    if you see me with no makeup for the next few weeks, just hold me.

    I love you.

  4. we were by studio 600, the dance club. way sketchy. i lost my driver's license to i discovered :(



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