Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1 Life Lately

1. Lola in her umbrella stroller 2. Sean in puppy heaven. This boy would have 20 dogs if I let him. 3. Friday night gym dates. Total gym count: 2 people = us. 4. Lola bugs taking a nap in her new green cast. 5. Mini Cheetah reunion. 6. Diamondback game. 7. Crafting all day and night. 8. Painting with water outside. "Hey look Danielle! I painted the Holy Ghost!" -Logan ... man I love that kid.

Life at the Kent house is crazier than ever! I've got about 50 billion projects up my sleeve and have been pretty sick on top of that which makes me almost always M.I.A, but we are still surviving over here!

Sean is about to wrap up his first year of medical school (whattttt???)! He has really really loved it and I love watching him do something he's so passionate about and has done so well in.
We have a solid group of friends here who we love to hang out with. It makes living in a new place even more fun.
Lola got her cast off! But she still walks on three legs.... old habits die hard.
Both our brothers get home from their missions in May. We are beyond stoked for their return. Adam comes first in just a couple weeks and then Spencer three weeks after that. I have loved reading their emails and hearing about all their adventures and look forward to every Monday when I get to hear more, but still, I'm so excited to have both of them home! They have done such wonderful jobs. The people in Germany and Mexico adore them, you can just tell. And even more, I have loved hearing how their lives have been touched by spreading the good news of the gospel.
So many exciting things going on, I could explode! Life is just too good. Sean and I can't stop talking about that lately.

Anyways, that totally looks like a mini April Christmas card write up (^^^^ what was that?).
But that's a wrap! For now.

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  1. Poor girl! Get better SOON!!!! Cute pics!! xoxox



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