Saturday, April 19, 2014

2 Happy Birthday Sean!

Wow, what a week it's been....

More updates, later.

For now, I need to give a little shout out to my boo! Sean is truly one of a kind.

He is constantly doing anything to put my happiness first.

He's humble. He never talks about himself and I could probably brag all day about all he's accomplished and does, but he would die.

He is gentle and kind. He would never hurt a fly. Or a spider. Or a scorpion. Or a... I know this because when I've tried to kill these things he freaks out and comes to their rescue.

He is proactive and plans for the future. He is always looking ahead, studying what he needs to do to be successful in his field, researching options, finding contacts, contacting those who have gone down this road, etc. It reminds me that he will always take care of me and our family.

He cares about his health. Seems funny to list this, but Sean loves being active and eating healthy and I love that about him.

He is so funny! He makes me laugh everyday. We seriously find ourselves having a good belly laugh daily.

He is responsible. Before I can even check a bill, he's already paid it. He's good with money and works hard in school.

Relationships are important to him. We are in Mesa quite often and every time we're there, he makes a point to go visit with his grandparents. He keeps in touch with old friends. He calls his parents to check in on them. He makes sure we're at every social event we're invited to.

He is the happiest boy. Always smiley and full of energy. Every morning he sings at the top of his lungs a beautiful medley that can go from Les Mis to Katy Perry in 10 seconds.

He is interesting. I call him my Wikipedia because I can literally ask him any question and he can explain it or talk to me about it for 10 minutes. He has a love of learning and knows a lot of things. I like that!

He is grateful. He constantly thanks me for going to work for us, or making dinner, or cleaning the kitchen, or anything! He always says thank you.

He is the underdog's cheerleader, he is a builder and constantly works to make people feel better about themselves and best of all, he's my cheerleader. He's always encouraging me to learn and grow and is supportive of any of my crazy ideas and dreams. And really, my ideas can get pretty crazy.

We had a fun day. We spent the morning at a Native American Easter festival where Sean had volunteered for first aid. It was a fun, new cultural experience. This afternoon we went on a relaxing desert drive. As much as I like making birthdays an obnoxious huge deal, Sean likes to keep it super low key, which is good because this week has been wild.

I love you, Sean! Love my life with you and looking forward to the many adventures ahead especially knowing you're by my side. Thank you for working so hard, making me laugh everyday and filling my world with so much color! Happy Birthday!


  1. Hold on while I scoop my heart off the floor-it melted!!! Love your tribute! Love that Sean!

  2. Sean is so great! I'm so happy he is in our family! & most of all that you are married to him! He is so much fun!



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