Tuesday, April 08, 2014

7 Pirate Puppy

Remember when I said I wasn't going to act like my dog was my child? I accidentally lied.
And a couple weeks ago, Lola got a boo boo.
She got really excited, jumped  for a treat and landed wrong.
It fractured our hearts.
It fractured her leg.

I told her it was okay though because I love treats that much, too.

After a really rough 24 hours at the Kent house, we were able to get in to the vet. All we hear in the back is her crying and yelping loudly and then "....Oh my gosh, she just peed everywhere..... OUCH!.... she bit me."

The vet told us she was in so much pain they couldn't even get an x-ray so they needed to sedate her. We took a look at the x-ray and an hour later took our extremely loopy puppy home with instructions from the vet to "keep her still" for the next 6 weeks. (HAH!)

Oh, and this one just makes me laugh.

She's been doing really well and walks with her peg leg around the house. She does not even seem to notice the cast.

Sean and I don't drink milk but we bought some especially for her. One of many examples of crossing the dog/child line. But she loves loves loves that milk. She downs it in like 3 gulps and the other night when she was finished, she picked up her empty bowl, walked over to me and plopped it in my lap.

She also loves her oral medicine that comes in a syringe. When she sees the syringe she goes absolutely crazy and jumps up and down. If any outsiders saw, it might be a little disconcerting. Our sweet little druggie dog.

Nap Time
Restricted Movement Play Time

We really have been trying to keep her still. It's hard when we can't take her on her nightly walk or play fetch. She has so much pent up energy when I get home that I will literally sit with her on my lap for an hour tugging at the rope in her mouth (BORING). Instead we've been giving her lots of treats which instead of eating, she just likes to bury around the house. It keeps her occupied for like 5 minutes.
So far I've found treats buried in shoes, under tables, behind doors, under the rug, etc, etc...

As sad as it is, we think she's totally owning her cast like a boss. Here's to only 4 more weeks to go!
P.S. Don't tell her vet about this mini fetch game. How can I resist??


  1. Poor little thing!! She really is so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! Both of my poms broke their legs.. unfortunately they both had to have surgeries! Shes a doll!

    1. That is so so sad (and expensive)!! Those tiny breeds have such little bones. The vet told is it's really common. I think i'm going to put her in bubble wrap for the rest of her life :)

  3. lol i'm sorry but that peg-leg just cracks me up! she wears it so well!!

    1. Hah!! Don't feel bad! We laugh all day at it!

  4. SO FUNNY!!!! Her pink cast, her peg leg and your post!!! :)

  5. That is the saddest, cutest thing I've ever seen.

    Oh, I think she totally needs clothes. Make that dog a sweater. ASAP.



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