Thursday, February 27, 2014

4 Summer!

We are celebrating summer before summer comes, around here. I think that's what you do in Arizona.

A lot of time has been spent on the back patio lately. We grill. We chill. We plant. And when I say "we plant," I mean Sean plants because I should never be the caregiver of plants. Like, ever (cue Taylor Swift and please read here).

Summer is so much fun!


  1. Ah this makes me pine for Arizona so badly, I'm sure it's just perfect there right now! Cute that your husband is quite the gardner haha and your dog is darling, plant eating and all. We used to have a cat that did that. Pets are so weird.

    1. Bahah. You said it just right. Pets are so weird. I seriously look at her 20 times a day like, "what the heck?"

  2. Lola has got to be the cutest dog EVER! And I'm not even a pet person!

  3. hahahhaah Little Lola! Hilarious. I love the pictures of her so much. & you're awesome parents, good job for assigning chores already!



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