Sunday, March 02, 2014

3 Weekend Love

Every weekend is different around here but there's always a couple things in common: Saturday is a day to run errands, study and catch up on anything we haven't had time for annnnnd it's a day to fit in some fun stuff! Sunday, we do church and chill so hard.

Yesterday morning, Sean had to be out the door before breakfast was even finished, but I made this nom nom Quinoa Egg Bake just to see if it could be added to the two thumbs up recipe archive. And the verdict is, two thumbs up! We love quinoa around here and it eat often.
Fun fact of the day: Quinoa is from Peru and is the only grain with all the essential amino acids. If the human species were all vegetarian, we could get all our amino acids from quinoa alone. However it doesn't have anywhere near the protein of meat, even though it's a complete protein. I know all this because Sean tells me every time we eat a dish with quinoa. I love my living, breathing, live-in Wikipedia.

After Lola fell asleep I cleaned and folded laundry all while it rained. I love a good rainy day and suddenly needed soup. It was a total "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" moment. Sean had the car so I couldn't run to the store. I improvised and threw everything random in the world into the crockpot for some Black Bean Soup. Deeeelish!

Oh, and then I got ready for the day.
I would like a round of applause for that actually, because 1) It's a Saturday and I didn't have to, and 2) It's a rainy day.

Sean said he'd come home early from the library so we could go to some of our (my) favorite antique stores. We braved the rain and went from store to store. I'm on the hunt for a perfect credenza and last week the one I've been eyeing for months totally got sold once we had saved up the money for it. Kind of a bummer but also fun to be on the hunt for a find!

Today we went to the Gilbert Temple Dedication. Awesome!

And what made it even more fun was that Sean's mom came in town and went with us! We love when Nama visits!

Well, it's about 4 hours until my bedtime. I still need to fit in some of my Sunday activities like watching a movie with Sean, reading a book and going on an evening walk. My life is so hard.


  1. I love that Sherie came to visit! Love her! & love little Lola! Ivy told me she's excited for her night time partner in crime.

    1. Lola told me she's sad because Ivy she always misses the call when Ivy wants to facetime!

  2. Loved this post, Danielle! Sweet and darling, as usual! So glad you had such a great weekend!!



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