Sunday, March 07, 2010

9 tricks are for kids.

My dear friend & roommate Leslie has been out of town for 10 days touring with the Young Ambassadors in Arizona. Bravo, bravo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, she left me in charge of her plant project that is a (major) part of her grade. I could be making up the major part, but nevertheless, I am much better at tending for people than plants so I am in shock that she left it in my care.
Here is her plant, I have circled it for your convenience because I'm assuming you don't have some sort of strong magnifying glass on hand.
Just a little guy.
I know it doesn't look like much, but I am proud to say, this plant has only thrived and grown since Leslie's departure due to my tender love & care. I have received many texts regarding her project. In fact, I have received more texts regarding the plant's well being than my own, but I will try not to be offended. I always tell her that her plant's presence has only added to the aesthetics of our home. (I think live plants always add so much to a homey atmosphere, even if they are microscopic.)

Anyways, I was feeling extra tricky tonight & decided to chop off one of our fake plant stems and put it in her little pot. I think it will be a good Welcome Home present for her tomorrow & she'll be surprised at how much her plant "grew."

I'm just hoping she doesn't know what the final plant is really supposed to look like, that will blow my cover exponentially faster.


  1. DANI STOLWORTHY I LOVE YOU. hahaahha seriously laughing out loud. at all of this. can you call me 10 mins before les gets home so i can zip over there to see her reaction? thx

  2. Totally believable! I'm sure she'll be dooped...healthy plants always look like this when they grow! funny!

  3. im laughing out loud right now. why are you such a riot!?

  4. Totally believeable to me...but I learned long ago that if I want my plants to stay silk.

  5. This makes me laugh, officially. I had this same class and never got mine to grow... even after 4 seeds :(

  6. What the dont make me swear. Is Leslie in the 1st grade? What class at BYU makes you grow a bean plant for a major part of your grade? AND you guys say UVU is easy? And yeah your other roommate has to collect and measure rain water in a tin can outside for a grade? Big important science experiment. Thats what all those chemists, biologists, and other rocket scientists at the Eyring center are working on? By the way I empty all water out or add water into that dumb can every time I walk by it which is like often.

  7. Well said, Brad...I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! hahaha... Way to just put it out there!
    Glad to know that tuition money is going to a good cause!

  8. yeah, between dani's ribbon dancing class & leslie's bean plant I'm starting to think I'm in the wrong major...

  9. Danielle, don't leave us hanging...what was Leslie's reaction to this beautiful speciman?



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