Friday, March 05, 2010

4 all my single ladies

Conversation I have every single day at school:
kiddo: Ms. Stolworthy, are you married?
me (cheerfully): Nope!
kiddo: Why not?
me: I haven't liked anyone enough yet.
kiddo: Well do you atleast have a boyfriend?
me (kind of cheerfully): Nope!
kiddo: You should get one.

Ok, let me just do that real quick.
Salt in wound.

I'm perfectly fine until I'm reminded on a daily/hourly basis of my relationship status.


  1. I totally understand!! It's funny that these comments come more often from the little kids than any other group... Do you notice that, too? it's actually scary to me because they start young thinking that everyone needs a BF/GF or wife/husband because of what US adults talk about and expose them to. You should talk to their parents. :) At any rate... i'm single and loud and proud about it. :)

  2. ahhh that sucks, I'm glad I'm not reminded verbally, because my current situation is on my brain all the time... too bad we can't live without boys

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  4. you are only JUST 22. Thats not that bad. enjoy your single time. cause before you know it you will have a toddler and another one on the way and wonder why you dont have time to shave anymore. lol So when the kiddies ask you that just think "I still have time to shave my legs" lol



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