Wednesday, March 03, 2010

8 Happy Birthday my Smelly Love!

Random facts about my Melly's:
10. She has a love/obsession with unicorns & other mythical creatures, she knows every Pokemon & her favorite animal is a platypus.
9. She is extremely unique, has killer style & is part hippie (which i obviously love).

8. Mel never, ever, ever, brags. (Even though she's one of the smartest, prettiest and most talented girls i know!) I even named her Renaissance woman because she's good at everything!
7. Smellys is the most wonderful friend. There is not a catty bone in her body. We've never even had the slightest fight & we've shared a bedroom for 4 years. We've spent hundreds of hours as roomies chit-chatting before bedtime. 6. She is hilarious! Honestly one of the funniest people I know. Her stories are amazing. And sometimes she has word vomit which makes things come out that shouldn't but they're so funny that no one cares.
5. Mel received an Academic Scholarship to BYU & she's a little smarty pants. 4. Mel is a convert to the church
3. She loves to travel. She wants to explore the world and is always looking for a new adventure. 2. Boys get whipped by her... But she's taken by a strapping Scottish lad, so don't even try.
1. Mel is honestly one of the nicest, friendliest, least judgemental, most patient people I know. I have never seen her mad. Sweetest girl I've ever met in my life & I'm lucky enough to be her roommate. Now how in the world did I land that?
Happy Big 2-2 Smell Buns! I love you dearly, Pepper


  1. mel is just oh so pretty, it kills me.

  2. I forgot to say:
    I hope you have fun with your boyfriend on your birthday. He'll probably take you to Europe for dinner tonight.

  3. hahaha DANI! thank you so much for the blog post. I laughed, I cried, but i must say.... you definitely overstated my greatness. But i suppose you are obligated to be complimentary on my birthday. I love you and I cant imagine my life without you in it bugga boo!!!!!

  4. Such an amazing tribute! Mel, I love you too! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being Danielle┼Ť ¨soul mate"over the past 4 years!! Your pictures are JUST SO CUTE!!!

  5. haahah "he'll probably take you to europe for dinner tonight" This whole post is so true!!! mel is so spectacular and kind!!! good post dani wanny

  6. I've met her a couple of times. And i love her.

  7. I just need to that Melissa in the "Cats" picture? It looks like "Cats" and I know she's an amazing dancer...if it is her...I'm very impressed!



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