Wednesday, February 05, 2014

5 Make It Stop.

I just transferred my phone pictures to my computer and had a mini heart attack looking back.

Kind of anti-climatic though since posting a few pictures makes it look like we finished everything in a jiffy. That would've been nice.

Behold, the pictures I've been avoiding sharing:

Looking at these kind of just makes me think we should have stuck with the tan linoleum, blue and grey carpet, and fuchsia walls.

Oh wait, April Fools.

A billion gold stars for my dad, brother and mother and father-in-law who each dedicated a weekend of their precious time and worked all hours of the day and night to help us! And then to Sean who, for over three months did Extreme Makeover Home Edition with me (with a big smile on his face, I might add) throughout his entire neuro block and still killed it!
I'm surrounded by some pretty awesome and selfless people.
If I had the money, I would send each of you on a seven day, all expenses paid cruise to show my appreciation. And I would buy myself a ticket too because I've worked really hard even though it looks like I just took pictures of other people working hard.


  1. Hahaha! I KNOW you worked hard! Boy oh boy! Just sad I didn't! But you gave creds where creds were due and that is the best! Loved seeing these pics! Amazing overhaul in an amazingly short period of time! Way to go to you and all of those awesome people surrounding you!

    1. I know you would've loved to help if you could and you always do when you can! Never goes unnoted! Love you

  2. I love it! Hilarious & these pictures make me shutter & I did 0 things to help. HA Your finished house looks awesome!

    1. Please come visit! I'm DYING TO SEE YOU GUYS



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