Sunday, February 02, 2014

5 Grateful

Yesterday morning Sean and I both found ourselves awake at 6am.
We decided to go for a little walk.

This morning was particularly pretty. I don't know if it's because it was rainy and gloomy so it made the cacti look more green (and being a Tennessee girl, I need my green!), but it was perfect. It was quiet and peaceful and every once in a while we'd spot a cottontail.

The more I walked, the more I thought. I had some real moments of reflection and gratitude. There are so many gifts associated with this move to Arizona.
We are living in a great area and have made some wonderful friends.
We have Sean's family a couple hours away and it's always a treat to be with them.
We have wonderful opportunities here. I have a great job with incredible benefits and Sean is loving school.
We've loved kicking off our marriage in a brand new city and exploring and seeing what it has to offer.
Oh, and we've got each other!

A little stroll is good for the soul. Life is good!


  1. love those cacti. I feel the same way about our move to az! wish we lived closer so we could be friends!

    1. We can still be friends!! I'd love to get together! We're not that far from each other :)

  2. You have soooo much to be grateful for, it's true! Love you guys sooo much and I'm pretty jealous that the Kent's get time with you! But also happy for all of you! xoxox

    1. Wish we could have all our family close :( Love you!!

  3. We miss you all a lot not being here! I guess you know that! Yesterday was a beautiful day having the baby blessed but it was a rainy day and so we made lemonade out of lemons and took pictures by the temple in light rain anyway. Glad you have the chance to take these amazing walks and see all of this, Danielle. I really wanted to go see the cacti when I was there but no time! Counting the days until you can come visit us again! Love you!



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