Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Meet Lola

Our new lovie!

A little about Lola girl:
She is a teacup Pomeranian
She comes in at a whopping one pound
She is the feistiest little dog you've ever seen
She loves loves people and follows Sean and me around all day
She has a complete freak out if she hears a big dog bark
She is 8 weeks old

Lola's favorite things are biting my hair, picking up charcoal under the grill, bringing big leaves from one side of the back patio to the other and trying really hard to always go potty on the pee pad.

This last week, was just kind of a sad week for a few reasons. I know it sounds silly, but Thursday night I just prayed and prayed I could find something to focus my attention on. I talked to Sean and he said for me to pick some things I would like to do, and then he would support whatever it was.... Famous last words.

On Friday, I saw this sweet picture on Craigslist and instantly fell in love:

So before Sean could get out of his test, I sent him a love message from the puppy:

A few hours later, she was ours! So I'm pretty sure that's how it's done.

Don't worry, I'm not confused and I don't think my puppy is my child or is as much work as a child, and if I did, I would want someone to get me checked out, but for this time in my life, she is bringing me so much joy! I love playing with her and taking care of her. She's our cute fun Lola girl!


  1. oh my gosh. She's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Love her.

    1. Umm seriously sometimes I feel like I might squeeze her to death..... PS- We saw some adorable corgi puppies and I thought of you!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I have 2 poms. One teacup, one not! You're going to love her!! They are so much fun and full of personality!




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