Friday, January 24, 2014

2 Being Dramatic Is More Fun

As a child, I was described as quiet, shy, and timid.
Here I am as a child:

Around the age of ten, I started getting a little bit of sass. In fact, my dad began introducing me as his "tenager"

Here I am as a tenager:

I always tried to keep the drama to a minimum when it came to friends and boys, but I started exaggerating when it came to my words.

Let me give an example:

If I want ice cream very very badly, I could say, "Man, I want ice cream."

But instead I say, "Oh my gosh I will literally die if I don't get ice cream!"

See what I did there? I wanted ice cream in both situations but in the second situation, I used death, which is pretty dramatic.

So yes, my life up to the time I was a tenager was fun, but my life after I became a tenager has been even more fun.

Sometimes, it could be the thing you're even known for which is pretty cool.

Unless you want to be on The Bachelor or Jerry Springer, just remember that if you want to be dramatic, be fake dramatic. Don't be the real kind of dramatic because then no one in the world will like you. NO ONE. (Boom. Did it again.)


  1. This was hilarious! I got such a kick out of reading this and seeing the pictures! Oh my, how I remember that cute little you! You are still cute, except all grown up! hahaha

  2. I just CRIED. A lot. This is hilarious. Pretty much the funniest thing in the world. & if you're wondering, I didn't actually cry. Turns out I'm the best at it, too.

    All exaggeration included, this is the greatest post I've ever read. I miss you.



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